Sunday, March 18, 2007

We really had a Big and Boucey Weekend

Even with a couple of dogs that were kinda small.

I had Shane, a large and very boucey yellow lab. I had Jack, a small and boucey and nippy yellow lab puppy, that will some day grow up to be Shane.

Then there is Smokey Bill, a small and fast terrier. he turned out to be a prefect match for Jack.

And on Saturday, I got Scotty. Scotty lives in St. George, but his grandma lives here in Helper. Whenever Grandma get to go gambling, I get to watch Scotty. Scotty might have aged out of the puppy title, he certainly hasn't altered his behavior. Once again, a perfect match for Shane.

Now, I still have Max, but he is finally getting a break from Shane. So Max is having a good weekend, too.

And this is the match-up I thought would actually happen, Scotty and Jack. These two only got together for a 'meet & greet' and haven't played together at all.

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