Thursday, November 12, 2009

Maybe it will work!?

I was left this list of instructions for how to house train a puppy. I just read it in slack jawed awe.

Now, I know I did everything wrong with house breaking my puppies, so this isn't a criticism of the program or the effort involved in sticking to it. It is just a reaffirmation that maybe I should not get a puppy again, rather I should adopt a dog that has already been house broken. It is, however, an admission of defeat as I had little or no chance of actually following this plan.

The puppy did better with the plan than I did. Every time I came in, he would come out of his box and pee for me. Now, if I was a bit faster, I might have gotten him to the outside run in time. I still have a chance. He is due back for Thanksgiving and with a whole week, I know he can have me trained up just fine.

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