Sunday, November 29, 2009

Seriously Misread That Situation!

I just got stared down and out of my own kennel. I went out for the dinner shift only to be greeted by my kennel's NEW owner. A rather large hound that was not going to let me anywhere near HIS kennel. Every time I stepped past the chicken house, I was greeted with teeth and growls. I took this warning very seriously and called for 911 for Animal Control to come out.

I got two of Helper's finest in no time. They got a similar greeting from the dog. We settled in to wait for Animal Control.

Once she got here, armed with only a 'dog stick' and a bag of treats she bravely approached the kennel building. She was greeted to a dropped and wagging tail and a licked hand. What the?!!

I was really frightened of that dog and all he did was wait for her to put the leash on.

Ha, ha, I have to laugh at myself, I really misread that dog's body language.

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