Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Poor Biscuit

She spent a long weekend with me, completely freaked out.

This is her second stay and I have made no progress on winning her over.

Her owner tells me that she hasn't been the same since her sister dog, Allie, died.

She is completely adorable and I would love to love on her, but she won't come near me. She won't even come out anymore.

She does have one of the oddest habits I have never seen before in a dog - storing her blanket in her dishes. Each morning, I would fish her blanket out of her water dish. I couldn't figure out how or why it was in there every day until Monday morning. Just as she finished her breakfast, there was all this noise coming from her kennel. I head over only to watch her finish tucking her bright green blanket nicely and completely into her food dish. It stayed there until she got picked up that evening.

I guess I should have stopped messing with her interior design efforts.

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