Monday, March 23, 2009

Bad Case of Blog Neglect

I really have been just awful with keeping up with this blog. I was hoping to get back into it after I finally finished the taxes. Alas, this is not going to happen.

I finally started working on the database for the Ranch. I have is set up and am spending all of my precious nap time trying to get all the info typed in. In the end, I hope that the regulars won't have to fill out paperwork anymore. I will print it out for them.

The pile of papers stemming back into 2000, was about 4' tall. I have already entered 420 dogs. And that is only 2008, 2007, and 2006. I have this year's and about 2' of old stuff to go through. I am dying to find out what the grand total of dogs is going to be.

On top of that project, I am going to go for a Small Business Administration loan for a new building. I am working on the plans, and notes already. I hope to get them out to some contractors in about a week. Then, I can crank out the financials the bank needs. So no blogging for awhile. But if this works, no having to say "Sorry, we are full" all the time.

If anyone has a contractor they can recommend or names that I should avoid (I know one of those already) let me know.

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