Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tummy Troubles

I thought my tummy troubles were over when the snow finally melted away and I could open the play yard gate all the way. There was a point in February when I thought that if we got any more snow, I wouldn't be able to squeeze past the gate.

Now, my tummy isn't giving me a hard time trying to get in - it is letting the dogs out. I can't seem to step into a run without letting a dog out anymore.

I had been trying to find a button that flew off my coat and across my dining room a couple of weeks ago. No luck so far, it might have headed down an air vent or under the china hutch never to be seen again. Getting down on the floor and looking for it was asking too much of me so I asked the kids. Unfortunately, my children's observational abilities are severely lacking. They couldn't find an elephant if I said I lost it in the dining room. I have decided to stop worrying about in since I can't button the jacket anyways.


Mindi said...

btw, congrats on the girl! i have 4, so we know drama around here. you sound like you live out in the middle of bfe.....what, no target?? how does one survive?

Stohl Family said...

I know exactly how you feel. To make matters worse I am starting to swell up like a balloon. My usually polite son even called me "chubby legs" the other day. What we won't go through for our children!