Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Ah, Spring!

I have been looking forward to spring after such a long and cold winter. I imagined nice long play times with lots of running and wrestling. This winter play time shrank to about 10 minutes and sometimes only 5 and few bedtime session that lasted all of about 30 seconds. You'd be amazed how fast a dog can pee when the temps hit the single digits.

What I failed to take into account, and I do this to myself every spring, was that dogs lose their minds and their manners come March and April.

Watch yourselves and your puppies, there are more dog bites and dog fights in the spring than any other time. I find myself stopping play time early because the dogs that were having a blast for the first 10 minutes start threatening to bite each other's faces off in the second 10 minutes. It is a bit freaky to see a dog you know to be friendly and playful suddenly go Mr. Hyde on you.

Oh well, this too will pass and everything should settle down into normal dog behavior by the time May rolls around. Well, as normal as dog behavior ever gets.

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Richard & Elsa Laplante said...

You know it's cold out when the pee turns to peesicles before it hits the ground.