Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mary, Mother of God! Save Me From People Who Don't Train Their Dogs!

Oh my God! What is with all the badly behaved dogs lately! twelve bucks a day is just not enough for me to be used as a punching bag. It is not like my balance was ever very good, but now that I have a 20 pound basketball hovering behind my navel, I can fall over on my own without any help from over sized and under trained dogs.

I have pointed out in the past that charging extra for big dogs is the biggest scam that exists in dog boarding. Big dogs are, as a rule, easier to care for that little dogs. People teach their big dogs to 'come' and to 'sit' but it seems that one bothers to work on their Shitzus. It is always something the size of a loaf of bread that I end up chasing around the play yard until I catch them and toss them back into their run.

Not this month.

Once again I am faced with a a dog that weighs somewhere around 120 pounds and is completely without any manners. JJ knocked the tar out of my dog sitter until she brought her husband over to manhandle him into some obedience training. Thank You! By the time I got home he wasn't ricocheting me into the fencing, but he was still bolting out the gate. There is just something spectacularly painful about being whacked with a metal gate when the temperature is in the single digits. Only followed by the muscle wrenching involved in making a stubborn Labrador, collar set too big, get back into his kennel.

I have the sore arms to prove I did in fact muscle him into that run and the satisfaction of seeing him walk in, most times, when asked now.

I pay the mortgage, I get to be top dog.

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