Monday, February 04, 2008

Dang, I Had No Idea It Was That Cold!

BB arrived at the end of last week and on her first playtime, I spotted her holding her back leg up.

My first thought is that these big idiots had hurt BB. My second thought is, if you idiots have actually hurt BB, who exactly is going to play with you? As you all know, I am no fun.

I check her leg and I don't see anything wrong, nor does she react like my exam is hurting her. So, I let her walk around. No limp when she is walking, just holding her passenger's side rear leg up. All the way up, not just off the ground, all the way up to her belly like a shiny black flamingo. Hold it, wasn't it the passenger side? Now it is the driver's side rear.

She is not hurt, her feet are cold - so are mine for that matter.

Then she did something I have NEVER seen before. It was the most awkward pose I had ever seen a dog assume. BB sat on her butt, in the snow, tail tucked and lifted both legs up off the snow - up to her knee, ankle? whatever it is really called.

Forget the wind chill factor, you know it is cold when a dog won't put their feet down and colder than that when BB walks over to her kennel door to let back in. With that I can assure you that hell has officially frozen over.

And so much for never having seen that pose before...Oreo did the exact same, butt down - feet up, position right after BB did. Must have looked like a good idea.

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