Tuesday, September 25, 2007

There will be no PROCREATING at the Ranch!

"OH MY GOD! Stop that!"

When Pepper got dropped off her owner mentioned that she was 'at the end of her heat'. In my head, I am thinking, 'What are you thinking dropping a dog off that is in heat'. What I said was "I hope so, having a dog in heat will cause me a lot of trouble."

Well, I let them out to play after a quick calculation that everyone here is female or neutered. We should be just fine. Just to be sure, I stick the big male dog on one side of the play yard since Pepper is just a little thing.

Pepper is having a great time playing with Scruffy. Isn't that nice, Scruffy has found a friend to play with. This should have been a tip off, but I was just happy for Scruffy. Normally, he is a bit stand off-ish and doesn't play with the other dogs. What was really weird was that he didn't come running when I started to put the dogs away. Scruffy and Kaizon are ALWAYS the first dogs to go in.

That is when I walked around the corner of the building and shouted,"OH MY GOD! Stop that!"
Pepper and Scruffy were butt to butt. Having me running at them caused Scruffy to take off so I didn't have to deal with how does one get two dogs that are stuck together, back apart.

(I have in the past had a client call me with that same panicked question and I know that you just wait for them to deal with it)

You should have seen how fast I flipped Scruffy over to check that he really was neutered.

In all I lucked out on this one. Pepper was clearly ready to roll, but all I had for her stay was neutered males. I also was very lucky that I only had one male dog at a time. I had 3 different male dogs but their stays were such that there was never two here at the same time.

Please, people don't scare me like this. Don't bring dogs in heat to my or any kennel. Dogs in heat get you, puppies and me, fights. Just don't do it!

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