Thursday, September 06, 2007

Herders and Worriers

With Cloe and Sassy, I got one of each.

Canine Mathematics:
Worrier + Herder(Runners + Players) = Barking

Lots of barking.

Whenever a Herder seeing anything running that they are not steering, it is just WRONG. Their point of view is that, "Be it sheep, kids, or other dogs, nothing should be running anywhere that I am not telling it where to go." Just think of them as canine control freaks. Cleo is a Herder and having BB, Hank, Boudin, Meg, and Amica racing around the play yard without Cloe's permission is just too much for her to take.

She is the little black dog voicing her displeasure at all this unsupervised running in the video.

Her brother, Sassy, is a Worrier. Their logic runs more toward, "With all this rough housing, someone is going to get hurt and it might be me - so it all must stop! Now!"

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