Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Who Knew, Ruger is a Love Bug!

When the kennel finally cleared out on Monday, I only had 4 dogs left. I decided I could finally sit down in the shade without getting mobbed. Since Ruger's buddies, Flip and Yanni, went home, he decided to play with me.

Turns out Ruger is a Love Bug, as in bug until all the good spots are scratched and then start over. He even licked the side of my face, I haven't had a German Shepard that was a licker before. Being licked by Ruger puts you is definitive danger of drowning. When he licked the side of my face, he licked the WHOLE side of my face. He is one big dog and that is one big tongue.

I thought he was just done with the loving and licking when he wandered off, but he came back with a tennis ball. We proceeded to have a great game of fetch, complete with having the ball dropped in my lap. That was the most pleasant and relaxing play time I have had in a long time.

Then Lassie showed up and the barking and chasing started up again.

I knew the peace and quiet wouldn't last.

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