Saturday, August 18, 2007

It is a Miracle!

This is McKinley. She is out of her kennel and in the play yard with other dogs. This is a miracle! This hasn't happened in years, and now it has happened two days in a row.

McKinley is one of my first clients. She has been staying with me for almost 5 years. She hates me. I trying not to take it personally. I understand that she hates everyone except her mom. She has a terrible time when she comes here, every time she comes here. My biggest success with McKinley is that she now will take a bedtime biscuit from my hand. (that happened sometime in my third year of operating)

She still snaps at me if I am dumb enough to attempt to pet her.

She used to come out with the other dogs at the beginning. Then she would come out if I opened her door when all the other dogs were put away. Then she would only come out if all the other dogs were put away and I left the play yard as well. Then she just wouldn't come out for anything.

Until yesterday morning, she stood at her gate and waited for me to open it, walked right out and was just fine with the other dogs. She protested all the other playtimes, but she came out again this morning. And I even saw her sniff another dog. There might still be hope for McKinley. I can't wait to tell her mom.

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