Saturday, December 02, 2006

and the award for Scaring Erica Brainless goes to....


Congratulations, Eunice, you managed to stop my heart. Eunice is just not herself this week. As you might remember Eunice does not think she is a dog and when she first came here, she didn't think she was a 'dog-person' either.

The dogs seems to grow on Eunice. Every stay she would stay out with the other dogs for longer and longer amounts of time and even started to play with them. I knew she would never be a dog, but a 'dog-person' I could settle for. When Eunice is DONE, she goes and stands by her kennel door to be let back in. She plays for awhile, but like my grandma, when she is done with the kids, she is just DONE.

Not this stay. Eunice has been playing with or ignoring the dogs kinda randomly and she has taken to being the last dog put away. This is definitely a new development and how she managed to scare me. It was bedtime and so the play yard is pitch black. I get everyone put away, but no Eunice. I call, no Eunice. I search, no Eunice. This is where my ability to jump to the worse case scenario comes in....she escaped, she's lost, she got hurt, she got kidnapped, she got killed, she got killed and eaten. It is truly amazing how far and how fast I can jump to conclusions.

Picture the chicken with it head cut off approach only with snow boots.

There she was standing perfectly still in the far corner of the yard and looking at the neighbor's house. I had to grab her collar and walk her back to her run. Very weird, but it has become the routine. Eunice doesn't come when I call and I always have to lead her back to the runs. She just doesn't want to go back to her kennel.

I think she is mad about this long stay. I bet she can't stay mad at her owner though. My dogs try to give me the cold shoulder when I have been gone too long, but their tails are alway happy to see me.

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