Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Meet some of the regulars at the Yawning Dog Ranch…

My very first clients were Snoopy, Tiffany, and Owey. Can’t you just tell they let the kids name the dogs? Well these dogs put to rest the theory that people own either large or small dogs because Owey is the size of a loaf of bread and Snoopy was the largest black lab I have ever seen. I say ‘was’ on Snoopy because he died last year. I now have a growing list of dog that I have babysat that have gone on to doggie heaven. (That is where all the frisbees taste like filet mignon and the squirrels are all fat and slow.) Snoopy was big enough to saddle and ride, and Owey was tiny yet running the show (shitzus born know that they run the universe) and then there is Tiffany, Torpedo Tiffany, as I renamed her. She was supposed to be a chocolate lab, but her color was closer to carmel than chocolate and she was as wide as long. The dog had no neck, just flared from her nose to her belly and then slimmed a little toward the tail. Not only is she shaped like a torpedo, she also functions as one. In Tiffany’s case love comes at a velocity. Tiffany is one of my favorites. She has to have all the love. No other dog can come near me. And if she feels that she has not been sufficiently loved she thrown a belly-in. Very much like a sit-in protest only it requires me to knee down and rub her belly until she decides we are done. Short of a fork lift, there is no way to move Tiffany once she has flipped onto her back. These dogs’ owners moved away on me. I never realized I would miss being knock flat by Tiffany.

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