Sunday, November 27, 2005

Have a DOG-GONE Good Holiday!

I live in a little town that has the best Christmas celebration I have ever seen. Each year there is a Helper Light Parade at the beginning of December. You can come out, freeze in the dark and the cold, and see a bunch of home made Christmas floats all covered in lights.

The parade is scheduled for next Friday and Saturday, December 2nd and 3rd. I have wanted to do a float since I opened my dog kennel, but this year I am finally doing it. Nothing says Christmas like paper mache'ing in a freezing wind. If I don't end up with frostbite, I'll post some photos of my dog float.

My business logo is a blue dog yawning, of course. Making him 3D has been a trip. He is currently 7 feet tall, papered up to his collar, but still missing all of his teeth. I need to finish the paper mache so that I can get started on the painting. Why?why?why? didn't I start this in July.

I have the most important part of my float, the Jingle Dogs CD, dogs barking Christmas carols. Now all I need is the trailer, the generator, the lights....maybe a heated garage.

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