Saturday, August 22, 2009

So few dogs and no combination that will work, ugh!

The Back to School slowdown has hit the kennel. I even had two morning with no dogs to get to sleep in all the way to 7am. The baby decided to get up at 6:30 on one of them.

This weekend the kennel is half empty, yet it is going to be more work than normal. I can't get these dogs to get along.

Booker just wants to play, but Chance is afraid of him and reacting aggressively. So, that combo is out. Chance's sister Jasmine, the weiner dog, hates everyone and can't be allowed out with anyone but her brother. Poor little Lucy, new to all of this, is completed freaked out and staying in her run, for now. That leaves Scooter and Harley. Scooter is a Westie and not neutered. He thinks he is in charge and all of my attempts to disavow him of this idea have not worked. He might be playing with Booker, but it looks and sounds like a fulblow assault accompanied with a wagging tail. Talk about mixed messages.

So, poor Booker who can play with anybody, actually can't. It will be just him and me and a tennis ball this weekend. I will stick with just family groups for the rest. That means two separate playtimes for each playtime. Very few dogs, less money, and more work...this weekend is just not working for me. At least they are mostly just here for the weekend.

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