Thursday, February 26, 2009

Feast or Famine?

I had 2 days off from doggies this week. The puppies went home at 9 am on Monday and I didn't get any new dogs until about 9 am on Wednesday. That was two mornings with only baby and kids to deal with and two nights of not having to trek out into the cold just before bedtime. Maybe the recession does have its silver lining?

My business has been way off since December, but I am not usually totally empty. I have had a number of weeks when there is only one dog here for days at a time. That is boring and unprofitable for me, as well as boring for the dogs. So, the downturn is even hurting the canines.

But my empty and briefly, totally clean, kennel is once again stuffed to the rafters.

Everyone showed up yesterday, 4 reservation and 2 emergency drop offs, total of 9 dogs. Mostly all big dogs, mostly all Labrador or bit of Labrador. With so many big and bouncy dogs, the play is pretty intense. I mostly try to stay out of the way, with little luck. I am desperately trying to protect my left arm from impacts with even less luck. (I got bit last weekend, but that is another post)

I will try to get some pictures today.

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