Saturday, June 07, 2008

Last Week

We are freezing today, but last week we had our first real days of summer.

Bella and Jinx have the right idea about spending playtime lounging in the shade of the apple tree.

I lost my huge peach tree last summer. That tree had to be at least 20 years old and it shaded most of the dog runs and half of the smaller play yard. I currently have a twig of tree trying to replace it. I guess I should have planted new trees five years ago when I started this business, but who expects a decades old tree to get killed off in one season by bugs. Damn those Snot-Hole Borers. They took out the best peach tree and did a number on my Italian plum last season. I am hoping the cold winter and delayed spring is hitting them hard, 'cause bug poisons don't touch them.

I want to get some roofs up over the outdoor runs so the dogs have more shade this summer. I should have done it last fall, it sure would have been nice not to have to shovel snow out of the runs all winter.

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