Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Infinite Varieties of Fetch

Your basic game of fetch should include a dog, a ball and a person. A perfect game of fetch includes a dog that brings the ball back to the person and gives the ball back to the person.

That is an amazing rare combination. I had a perfect game of fetch going with Bella, a black lab. A nice change of pace for me.

I have dogs that bring the ball but won’t give it back. That really shortens the time spent playing fetch – one throw and the game is over.

There are the dogs that get the ball and run off with it. They just want to be chased. Usually the dog that was SO interested in fetch can not find the ball once it is in the mouth of the dog that wants to be chased. This means no fetch, and no chase, and nobody is happy. My dogs have a spin on this game. Only Inertia will go after a ball, Vector doesn’t seem to see the point. Once Inertia has the ball, she proceeds to chase Vector while carrying the ball in her mouth. (Hey, I never said my dogs were normal)

Then there are the games of fetch where I get a workout as well as the dog. Returned to the General Vicinity of You. Mica is one of these, if she drops the ball within 10 feet of you, that is a successful return. So I get almost the same exercise as the dogs. And then there is Flip, he is very excited about the chase and grabbing the ball, but then he immediately drops the ball back where it landed. I don’t run across the play yard, stroll is my top speed, but this is still more involvement in the game of fetch than I signed up for.


FleasGang said...

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FleasGang said...

Hey Yawning Dog, sounds like you need one of those automatic tennis ball servers so you can just launch a bucket and be over with it. Oh, and the "Fleas Gang" tag you. To find out what that means, visit http://www.mydogshavefleas.com/fleasblog. I promise it won't hurt.

Simon, Scarlett and Shelly

Ivy said...

i reelly like to play chase-me-with-the-ball-in-my-mouth but randy likes to play bring-the-ball-back-and-drop-it.

he throws the ball and i run and run to get it then bring it back to start the game of chase. but randy is no fun and he tells me to sit insted. i haf learned that after sit he will say drop-it so i just drop it and sit all at once. it is a silly game but at leest it gets him to throw the ball again!