Sunday, March 28, 2010

One Day These Dogs are Going to Scare Me to Death

A normal Sunday starts with me heading out to the dogs around 7:30am. Weekdays, it is around 6:45am but, for the weekends I try to give my neighbors a bit of a break.

Today, I was out early because someone needed to drop off at 7 am. Out in the cold and the dark, I open the door, flip on the lights and just hit the first kennel. Unlatch, open, pull the door, let small and fluffy Mona out into the cold and dark. I turn and finally LOOK at the rest of the dogs.

YIKES! Diesel is down and twitching! Oh My Lord!!!!

"Diesel! Diesel!! Diesel!!! Diesel!!!

By now I have gotten into his run and have my hands on him. He leaps up and looks as equally freaked out as I do.

"Geez, dog, you almost stopped my heart just then!"
"Hey Lady, I was in the middle of a dream, you will stop my heart waking me up like that!"

Really, I could live happily ever after with less of these little aerobic workouts for my heart. Oh, and just after all this happened. My early drop-off called, they decided to have breakfast before they came over.

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