Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Large and In Charge

I had Scooter back this week. He is a bit bigger than last visit. I'd put him at about 2 and a HALF pounds these days. He had no trouble getting in and out of his run once I put the logs in for him to climb up and out on.

On of the other moms commented that he didn't seem intimidated by all the big dogs and all their barking. Funny, I was pretty intimidated all week with all the barking and jumping. The crowd I had over Thanksgiving was just draining me dry. So much barking, Tessie jumping straight up and down, Harley jumping straight up and down, only higher, and Maki, Booker, Nuray, and little Maggie and Rosie barking their fool heads off. Being inside the kennel was painful. Outside wasn't much better. But with all that, she was right. Little Scooter wasn't frightened by all the noise and action at all. He wasn't afraid of the big dogs that came up to his run. And when he did get outside with Tessie, Rosie, and Maggie, he chased those dogs away with his attentions.

As I explained to that mom, Shitzus are always 'Large and In Charge', they have no idea of their actual size and seem to be born with the innate knowledge that they rule the universe. How so much confidence can be packed into such a small body, I do not know, but it is true.

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