Wednesday, January 07, 2009

An Excess of Poodles

Almost as hazardous as a "Testosterone Poisoning". I had a great number of dogs over New Year's, eleven all together (if I remember right) and that is usually enough of a handful. But, no, I had to have 6 poodles in that mix - 3 standard and 3 teacup.

Teenso, the teacup sized one, seemed to actually be aware of her diminutive size, for once, and avioded the free for all with the big dogs. The other two little ones decided to stay in their runs and not run the risk of being stepped on by their big brothers and sisters.

The big ones didn't seem to possess a ounce of self restriant. Not really a poodle characteristic, anyway.

Dago and Amica spent their holiday picking on their cousin dog, Tucio. He had pretty much had it with a double dose of poodle when Chico arrived. A fluffy black match to Dago's fluffy white coat. Three poodles is too much of a good thing and I let Tucio hang out with the little dogs on the back side of the play yard to get a break.

Three poodles is almost too much for the poodles involved. Amica quickly excused herself from the intense play between Chico and Dago. She was let through the gate to hassle Tucio a bit.

It turns out that Chico likes to play with Dago in the same way that Dago likes to play with Tucio. Which is "I win all the time" play. Turns out that Dago doesn't much like to be the mountee.

"You can dish it out, but You can't take it" is a common problem with dogs. Poodles just might have it a bit worse than the average dog.

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