Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One Good Looking Beagle

Copper is just as loud as Scooter, but he really has the prettiest markings I have ever seen on a Beagle.

I see how his owners got the name, he is really more of a shiny copper than orange or brown. He also is sporting the blackest black and the whitest white markings. Well, he will until he hangs out in my play yard for much longer - that will turn any dog into a dusty shade of beige.

I really like his extra white marking down his neck and back, another 'never seen that before'.

Maybe he isn't all Beagle...his wheel base does seem a bit too long and his legs are spotted. His voice , however, is ALL Beagle.

Remind me to never have two Beagles at the kennel at the same time.

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