Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Just Because We Can Never Have A Dull Moment

As most of you have seen, I was hugely pregnant last week when my doctor told me that nothing was progressing. That would be baby doctor speak for "Yes, honey, you are looking at spending July the size of a whale."

I had just come to accept my fate of a couple, three week more of waddling and sweating, when my water broke at 8pm that night.

I was damp but not in pain so I was herding the kids and their bags out to the car when my son announced, "Mom, there is a dog out of the kennel!"

Oh, that can't be one of mine - it has to be one of Helper's Roaming Dogs, right?

Nope, it was Endo. Turns out that Endo can both open a gate latch and climb a 6 foot fence. Talented dog, I must say. Forunately for me, he is an escaper and not a run away-er. He just waited by the gate for me to let him back in. I tucked him in, chained his gate extra-closed and we all headed off to the hospital.

Baby showed up at 1 am that night. Yup, born on the Fourth of July!

We do love our birthday holidays around here.


jvjanulis said...

Congratulations! Hope you are both doing well.

I see you have your priorities in order; get Endo back in the kennel first and then get to the hospital ;-) I probably would have done the same thing.

Welcome, baby!

us said...

Hi there! How is our pup doing (after the escape attempt and the leg bracing incident)? It turns out we have wireless internet here at the NC house...and that I have no contacts saved on my laptop, so I can't just email you!

yawningdog said...

Your pup is fine. He is very busy barking his fool head off and wrestling with all the girls.

He has decided that he doesn't have to listen to me when I ask him to get in his kennel. I informed him that I was not his mother, I was his Aunt Erica and I don't put up with that behavior. That and a very stern look got him to 'kennel up'.

Shelley said...

Hey Congratulations!! I was thinking about you today, actually I was telling a client about your blog... and then realized that I had not checked your blog out in a long while! I hope all is well with the new addition and you are enjoying being a "New Mom"...Again.
Drop me a note sometime and tell me how things are going!
Your fellow Kennel Operator Friend...


English Farm Kennels,
Ontario, Canada