Monday, February 04, 2008

Another New One on Me

I have never seen a dog projectile vomit before.

I have seen dogs barf. I have a barfer myself. Whenever my dog's stomach is bothering her, she eat things she seems to think will help it, such as Barbie's clothes, my son's socks, part of my bedroom rug, the corner off the living room curtains, and the laces out of my new black cross trainers.

When all of this comes back up, there is a great deal of pacing (this is notice to kick her out of the house) and then retching and then 'plop' there is something unidentifiable as edible on my Persian.

But never before have I seen PROJECTILE vomit come out of a dog. It was amazing. Paco was tearing around the play yard when he yipped like he was hurt. Before I could even focus on his speeding form, he yipped again. There was no one with him to be hurting him. That is when he produced a 10 foot 'technocolor yawn' as we called it in college. I have no idea what he managed to eat that had to come up that fast and that far, but it didn't deter him from trying to eat it a second time.

That is something I will never understand about barfing dogs. If what you eat was so awful that it had to come back up, why in the world do you think it is still something worth eating?

And why is that they rarely barf it up the second time, anyway?

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