Thursday, December 20, 2007

White Christmas! Ba Humbug!

White Christmases have never been my thing. Even before 'White Christmas' meant canceled appointments, I always thought it was mean to wish for something that was going to mess up everyone's travel plans.

If you are one wishing for snow this year, you must have been a very good boy or girl - we are getting the whitest Christmas that I can remember. Mother Nature is making up for no rain this October by dumping and dumping on us this December. This is our second session of an all day and all night snow. Normally, when we get a dumping and I break out the shovels and by lunch the sunshine will finish clearly the driveway for me. I can't remember it snowing and snowing and snowing without stopping, ever, before this winter.

But back to Christmas wishes, I must have been a very good girl, too, because I got what I wished for this Christmas...a kennel full of good doggies.

This group is having a great time with each other and with all the snow. This is when my job is its best, instead of needing my supervision, they entertain me to no end. And get this, BB hasn't even arrived yet - this is going to be the best Christmas ever.

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