Thursday, February 22, 2007

Still Having Trouble Getting a Playmate for Jack

Jack is still annoying the little, old dogs to the point that I was afraid that the teacup poodle would eat him. I have never seen a puppy persist in bugging an adult that has shown its teeth and growled. So I rounded up Jack and sent him to play with the big dogs. They continue to ignore him. That was until Patch and Mica started playing together and ignoring BB. She gave the puppy a couple a chances to play after that.

Then on Monday we got another puppy, just here for daycare. His name is Harley. This puppy won't play with Jack either. Harley is mostly a blur of fluff trying to get away from Jack.

That is until they found the peach tree, the great equalizer in the game of chase. You can't get me and I can't get you. Perfect! They get worn out with out any physical contact.

"At last, he is interested in someone else!"

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