Sunday, February 25, 2007

So, Barbie went and got herself a dog.

Can I get one that works like this?

Barbie's dog came with his own dog toy, lease, dog dish, and dog food. Barbie also got a garbage can and a pooper scooper. (She wants to be a responsible dog owner)

I had no idea how interactive this toy was going to be when my daughter spent her birthday money on it.

You see, if you pull up on her dog's tail he opens his mouth and you can feed him his dog food. If you push down on his tail you get all of his dog food back. That is where the pooper scooper comes into play. It turns out that Barbie's dog's poop is magnetic. So scooping is a breeze.

Open the garbage can and drop the poop convenient the dog food box attaches to the back of the garbage can and she is already for feeding time again. Perfect recycling.

My daughter loves this dog, and if I want her to scoop poop in our yard I am going to have to figure out how to magnetize it.

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