Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Nike, you are SO not supposed to be standing in my front yard.

I was having a more than normally crazy Monday morning when I headed out the front door to clean the snow off the cars and found Nike standing in my front yard.

I had noticed the night before that she had been pulling on her gate, so I put an extra chain on it. As I walked her back to the kennel, I was thinking she managed to get that gate open anyway.

No the extra chain deterred her from the gate so she went after the walls of her run. I haven't had a problem with dogs pulling up the chain link and getting out since I switch to the heavy duty 'keep teenagers away from the power lines' gage of chain link. And Nike couldn't bend the fencing either, she belt the clips that hook the tension bar to the frame of the run. This is some serious metal she bent. I can't bend these things when I have them stuck in a vise and I am hitting them with a hammer.

Nike managed not only to get out of her run's wall, she went through the next kennel's wall as well to get loose. So I have two kennel to rebuild today.

Nike has to go to Dr. Thayn's office since I cannot insure that she will be safe here.

What really scares me about this whole thing, is that if she had gotten loose even ten minutes later, I would have left to get to my doctor's appointment and no one would have noticed she was gone for at least 2 hours. I also think about the dog who's kennel she cut through. There was no chance that Penny would follow her out, but I can think a number of dog that would have jumped at that chance.

Next kennel, concrete walls and welded fencing - that should do the trick, but I still can't get over the strength it took to break out of my runs.

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