Saturday, February 10, 2007

Big, Dumb, and Happy



This is my usual description for Labradors, but I have a couple of golden retrievers that really fit that bill.

They can make you happy just watching them.

I wrote this post yesterday, waiting to get some better pictures of Charlie. Last night, my husband was doing me a big favor by putting the doggies to bed for me. As no good deal goes unpunished. He ended up being bit by Isabella. I don't know which was a bigger shock the bite or the fact that it was Isabella that bit him. He had grabbed for her collar and she just turned and chomped on him. He was able to put a lease on her and put her in her kennel no problem.

Isabella must have some serious 'collar issues'.

She seems fine today back to her happy self, my husband is also fine, just sleeping in since we ended up in the ER until midnight. This make for the fifth dog bite in 5 years, not a bad track record.

This why I pay for that very expensive Workman's Comp insurance.

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