Sunday, September 17, 2006

I have been MILLIE-ed.

I was just not prepared for that much love from a Weimaraner. No one really is.

She put her paws on my shoulders, pinning me to my chair and started to lick my whole face. I couldn't squeeze in a "No, Millie!" Well I could have, but from experience I know that telling her 'No' will cost me a french kiss. (Let me warn you - it is actually worse than you can imagine)

She licked my face, licked my hat off, licked my glasses until I couldn't see and then licked them right off my face. In the struggle to get her off me, she stepped on my glasses. I, finally, make it to my feet.

Not quite, I have a dog spit covered face, bent glasses, and no hat.

I tracked down my hat just as Tessie was poised to shred it. She had the back in her mouth and was stepping on the visor; the next sound I was about to hear was it turning into two dog toys.

It cost me stepping in dog poop, but I got my hat back!


It is the same sensation of accomplishment, I get when I out smart my toddlers.


Semavi Lady said...

French kiss, not fun. Specially if the dogs have been helping to shovel the horse corral...

yawningdog said...

It is my own personal dogs that like to snack on road apples.

sharon fernleaf said...

Chows like to french kiss too--our dog, Tai would watch your mouth while you were talking and the minute you opened it too long, he'd give you a wet one!